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I am a Software Engineer, living and working in Hyderabad, India.
I am interested in C++, Python,  Machine and Deep Learning and Statistics; though I rarely find time to work on Machine Learning and/or acquire some new knowledge.

I consider myself a futurist. I believe that human evolution has a breakthrough coming, soon. I think we will overcome hydrocarbon base body; what I mean by that is that the body of future humans (or whatever other names they choose for themselves) will be of metal. There will be no old age, no cancer and no dying. It will probably not happen in my lifetime but it is inevitable.

I see it as a highly multi-threaded process, the ```main``` thread is The Nature, it has spawned billions and billions of other threads that we call ```humans``` (arguably other beings as well); each with their own separate and distinct nature. So what my idea is that the bigger part of evolution is going on not in the matter (DNA and genetic materials), but in our minds, as ideas.

Anyway, so the question I ask myself is that:

What part am I playing in this?

The answer is obviously no part whatsoever. Not yet. But I want to dive in and do something. So this website will be the place where I will share my idea, my bit.