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Abhishek Dubey

Hi, I am Abhishek, also known as Dubey to my friends ;), you know who you are if you're here. I'm a computer programmer and work for erwin Inc.
I'm from a place near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, but I live in Hyderabad. 

My email address is, in case you want to share something cool with me ;).

I hope to regularly write on my blog at I use Twitter a lot, and that is the only social network site you'll find me using most of the time because I don't like Facebook, maybe because it's more of show off network than a social network.
My Twitter handler is @const_cast_cc, as my handler and this URL suggests I am a C++ enthusiast, I think that C++ is a very beautiful language.

Apart from C++, I also use Python as my second language of choice, its simplicity and clean code make it very useful and same time very powerful language. I have tried my hands on web development as well but HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are not my cups of tea, hence the use of Blogger to make this website.

I am interested in all stuff Data, especially in how to make sense out of it; as a result, I am interested in applied disciplines of Data Sciences and Statistics such as Machine Learning and AI. Though I haven't acquired sufficient knowledge yet, that is the work in progress, that I am focusing on right now.

Right now I don't have anything more to say, as its 01:00 AM here and I have to sleep now. Here, enjoy this beautiful performance by David Gilmour, don't miss the last couple of minutes; they are the best.